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Angie Ertl MSPT
Licensed Physical Therapist
Certified Pilates Instructor Certified Personal Trainer

Angie Ertl is a licensed physical therapist in the state of Iowa.  She has an M.S. in Physical Therapy from the Des Moines University. 

Angie is a certified Pilates instructor, having mat and equipment certification from the Professional Health and Fitness Institute.

Angie also has a personal training certification from the Professional Health and Fitness Institute..



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                         Welcome to Third Power PT                              

Third Power PT, PLC brings a new philosophy of health and wellness by combining the areas of physical therapy, Pilates and personal training.  You will be evaluated and provided with a unique and personalized fitness or treatment program.

I work out of my studio at:

2822 Beaver Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50310

I look forward to helping you with your unique physical needs

- Angie Ertl -


Physical Therapy
Angie will assist the client to restore, maintain and promote optimal physical function when disease, disorder, condition or injury occurs.  She will work with the client to achieve optimal function and wellness.
Pilates Training
Stabilization and total body awareness are the key concepts behind Pilates.  Angie can help develop an appropriate Pilates format specific to each client.

Angie teaches small mat and chair classes, and offers one-on-one sessions on the Reformer.

Personal Training
Angie can help you get started safely and progress you according to your individual needs and abilities. Who better to help you meet your goals than a specialist in the healthcare and wellness field. 
Services and Rates
Click here to see available services and rates for physical therapy, Pilates and personal training sessions.
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